Caring For Betta Fish 10 Important Tips to Bear In Mind

Taking care of Betta fish is relatively simple for fish lovers, and if you like to have colorful fishes on your fish bowls, the Betta fish is a great choice for you. The Betta fish come from in the rice paddies in Thailand however can typically survive in your fish bowl, offered the best water temperature and care.

10 things that you have to think taking care of Betta fish.

1.Put only one male Betta in one bowl. Do not put male Bettas together. The Betta fish is likewise called the Siamese combating fish and indeed, the male Bettas can be extremely aggressive and can fight each other to death. You can begin with just one male Betta in a fish bowl if you want to take care of Betta.

2.Constantly preserve a water temperature of 70 to 80 degrees Fahrenheit for your Betta fish. The Bettas can survive in temperature levels a little lower or higher than this, it might not be comfy for the Betta and might cause sluggishness or hyperactivity of the fishes.

3.Do not overfeed the Betta fish. One of the very essential ideas that you need to remember in taking care of Betta fish is to ensure that you do not feed them more than they can consume for the day. The Bettas can continue to consume as long as there is food available and that may lead to their deaths. Remember too that these fishes can live a day without meals, hence it may be alright not to feed them in a day than overfeeding them to death.

4.Preserve the best level of acidity of the fish bowl water. This type of fish can ideally make it through in a water with level of acidity of pH equal to 7.

5.Avoid putting your fish bowl in direct sunlight or near the vents in a room that may change the water temperature higher or lower. Putting them in direct sunlight can freak out the Bettas.

6.Cover your fish bowl to prevent the fish from jumping out of his tank. This kind of fish can leap to their deaths and for sure, you would not want to discover your fish bowl empty when you get home.

7.Prevent putting plastic structures on your aquarium that can tear or damage the fins of the Bettas. Instead, include some live plants that will also act as their hiding place. You can add rocks however make sure they are not too rough for the Betta fishes.

8.Modification their water once a week and ensure there are no rotten food left in the tank. Rotten food can be damaging to your Betta as well. In changing the water of your fish bowl, make sure that you bring back the right water temperature, acidity and volume.

9.Adding a little fish tank salt on the Betta’s aquarium water will likewise assist make the fish tank’s water drive away fungi and parasites.

10.You can’t keep 2 or male Bettas together, you can nevertheless put one male Betta with a few female Bettas however sometimes you have to be careful as well, as this can likewise assault other female Bettas together.

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